The goal of L.H.G.H is to keep the military history alive by displaying units and events from the military past in great detail.
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About Living History Group Holland
Living History Group Holland
The Living History Group Holland (LHGH) has been founded on January 31st 2001, but unofficially existed before as the British Airborne Group Holland. The purpose of the LHGH is to keep alive the military history, by displaying, in great detail units and events from the military past. Within the LHGH are at this moment 2 active groups, and both are representing the period 1940-1945.

  The first group is a British one, and can be divided into sections of the 1st British Airborne Division, like the Reconnaissance Corps, Royal Engineers, Royal Army Medical Corps, Light Regiment Royal Artillery, Parachute Regiment, etc. On Sunday September 17th 1944 this 1st British Airborne Division took part in a huge airborne landing with the codename: Market Garden. This landing had the purpose to take the Rhine bridge at Arnhem. Within this group, members have collected an astounding array of Airborne equipment, varying from 3 Pack-Howitzers, several Welbikes, Jeeps and trailers, Radio equipment, personal weapons, rations and much more. The members in this group are about 40 strong, amongst them some females, who have their ATS unit.

  The second group is the US 7th Armored, 814th Tank Destroyer Battalion. This consists of the Reconnaissance group, with also an impressive list of vehicles; Jeeps, Scout car, Ford M8 Greyhound, several Halftracks, Studebaker Weasel plus additional support vehicles and crew, witch are all equipped as complete and original as possible, including tents, stoves, etc. The 7th Armored Division landed in Normandy in august '44 and took part in the liberation of France, then went to take part in the battle for Overloon in Holland, and in December went to the Ardennes to help the US Airbornes there. In spring 45 the Division, where the 814th was attached to throughout the war, went into Germany till the end of the war. The 814th TD Battalion counts at this moment about 20 men personnel.

  Both groups aim for a high degree of authenticity, both in their uniforms plus equipment and their vehicles.

  Taking part in several re-enactment activities in and outside Holland is a routine for the members of the LHGH. Also units are present at official commemoration services and they have been asked several times by Royal Dutch Army to act as the opposing forces, in various big army exercises. Outside of these activities, the members of the LHGH meet every month on an old fortress near Utrecht, to do basic soldiers training, exercise and going on patrol.

  The Living History Group Holland stands out from other reenactment groups in Holland, by it's high percentage of active members at events, and the huge array of equipment and vehicles over witch the members have control.
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