De Britse werkgroep bestaat uit een paragroep met de volgende onderdelen van de 1st Airborne Division:
◦The Parachute Regiment
◦1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron
◦No. 10 (Dutch) commando
◦Glider Pilot Regiment

Door de combinatie van uniformen, wapens, uitrusting en voertuigen wordt een zo realistisch en authentiek mogelijk beeld gegeven van de eenheden zoals die in september 1944 in Arnhem en omgeving gevochten hebben.

De werkgroep neemt aan passende re-enactment evenementen deel zoals Wageningen ’45 maar vooral in september in Oosterbeek en omgeving tijdens de herdenkingen van de Battle of Arnhem.

The 1st Airlanding, Light Regiment, Royal Artillery.

The Light Regiment, Royal Artillery, originated in February 1941 when the 458 Independent Light Regiment was formed from existing light batteries equipped with British 3.7 inch pack howitzers.

In December 1941 it joined the Airborne Division. Till 1943 extensive training was carried out, and the old guns were replaced by new American 75mm pack howitzers. The Regiment then went to North Africa to do more training, and in September it went for it’s first battle in Taranto, Italy where fire support was given to the British 8th Army and 1st Canadian Division and others.

In January 1944 the Regiment went back to the UK, and trained with the use of gliders. On the 17th of September 1944 the Regiment was flown into Holland, where a heroic battle against all odds took place.

After the war Major-General R E Urquhart wrote about the Regiment: The spirit of determination wich at all times characterised the behaviour of the Regiment was particularly brought out during the battle of Arnhem in September 1944. Unless this unit had been composed of the finest material and had had such great fighting spirit, the Division as a whole might have had a very different story to tell.

The members of the LHGH who re-enact The 1st Airlanding, Light Regiment, Royal Artillery, try to do this with the highest grade of originality and have amongst their members 3 original 75mm Pack Howitzers, with all the British airborne modifications, and accessories, and even in some cases original parts that were found on the battlefield! Jeeps, trailers, motorcycles and support vehicles are used together with proper uniforms, small arms, radio’s, and much more.

If you are interested in joining this unique group of dedicated people, mail one of our group members or get in touch with our administration. Reanactmentgroup 1st Airlanding, Light regiment, Royal Artillery.